Insanely Creamy Vegan Whipped Potatoes for a Crowd VIDEO

V GF mashed potatoes

*V* *GF* In taste tests, sour cream in the mashed potatoes always wins the prize. But vegan sour

cream...*blech*...and not to mention ex-pen-sive. In this video, I introduce my amazing technique for whipping olive oil (that's right, OLIVE oil) into a creamy confection that says: "Step aside sour cream, I've got something better!"

Now that you're sure you want these for your feast...There is one essential thing you NEED TO KNOW.

Let us have little conversation about olive oil.

Not all oils are created equal, and I hear you saying, "Yeah, yeah, I've heard this all before, extra VIRGIN oil is the only thing worth buying blah, blah, blah."

Stick with me, that is NOT what I am about to say.

In this recipe, you are to AVOID extra virgin olive oil like the plague.

Nothing will ruin the taste of this faster than putting extra virgin olive oil in it.

So Don't.

Some of you may think, "Well, that's what I have got on hand, I'll just sub it in. How bad can it possibly be?"


Trust me on this.

You're gonna want to go and buy some of the right stuff for this recipe.


End of discussion.

The RIGHT olive oil for this job is this one:

Bertolli's Extra LIGHT Olive Oil

Extra LIGHT olive oil.

As in LIGHT in flavor.

None of the "full, rich-bodied, robust with a peppery finish" stuff.

Not this:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


LIGHT olive oil

Any questions?

If olive oil choice is abundantly clear, we will move on.

This is all about the technique. This trick is AMAZING for whipping oil into a creamy confection that blesses everything it touches.

Basically, you are going to grind almonds with water into a thin paste in your blender.

This protein rich mixture has natural emulsifiers that are ready to whip your oil into supreme fluffiness.

When the almonds are fairly smooth, keep the blender running and drizzle in the oil.

DRIZZLE! Going too fast will not allow the oil to emulsify, and you will basically get oil, water and almonds whipping around in the blender. Keep in mind that the video demonstration has been sped up.

On the other hand, going too slowly will cause the mixture to heat up from friction and will cook the mixture. Blah. So get a nice steady stream going and be sure to have that lemon juice handy.

Again, leave the blender running, and as soon as the oil is in, dump in all the lemon juice at once. This will allow it to drop in a ball to the center bottom of the blades and be quickly and evenly distributed throughout the whipped oil.

The lemon juice will cause the oil to thicken dramatically.

If you like your sour cream substitute 'sourer', you can put in more, but I find this is the perfect amount for this recipe.

Voila! This creamy whipped confection is going to make the most INSANELY CREAMY mashed potatoes ever.

One issue though.

The flavor of this is rather flat.

Creamy, yes. Pleasantly tart, indeed.

But flat.

We don't want flat in whipped potatoes.

We want rich, buttery goodness.

Here's how we're going to do this:

Traci's Vegan Chicken Bouillon Powder.

This is going to magically take our flat potatoes and give them amazingly rich deep buttery savory flavor.

That's what it does.


Now for some further Notes on Ingredients:

Almonds: You can use whole almonds, slivered almonds or sliced almonds, but I prefer the slivered in this case as the skins are already removed for supreme silkiness. You could blanch and peel your own whole almonds for a similar effect. You can also soak the almonds, just start with 1/2 cup and use the whole amount even though they will swell out of the cup. Soaked almonds can also be peeled to get the silky smoothness. But you can leave the peels on, and just have little brown flecks of peel in it. Your decision. They would probably blend in with the peels we left on the potatoes so...

Potatoes: Obviously, this is the most key ingredient here. What I chose was a very thin skinned red creamer potato, mostly because I don't have to peel them, which appeals vastly to my inner couch potato. But if you want to get jiggy and peel some russets, by all means, go ahead.

One thing I really like about this prep method is that you can cook the potatoes in the slow cooker OR on the stovetop. Depending on the intensity of your meal prep plans, a slow cooker option can be a great boon, especially if you will be occupied all day doing other things, or have a crowded stovetop.

Another nice bonus to doing this in the crock pot is that it can keep your potatoes warm for you until serving time, again without taking up room on the stove top or in the oven. Or it makes a great method for take along if you're joining someone else's feast!

Hope this recipe makes your holidays merry!

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